About Alyse Edwards


In 2008 Alyse creates and launches the AlysEdwards Tile & Stone Collection with a little help from a check book called Bob Telesco.  Despite the gnarly economy, her eclectic tile designs took off like wild fire and the orders poured in.  Since then she and her Lipstick Ladies have never looked back. With their eyes wide open, they are determined to make this world a more beautiful place one project a time by offering life altering tiles instead of plain Jane 4 Ľ”, an industry’s standard. In less than three years they have taken tile industry by storm rocking the old regime to it’s knees!  The Tile Diva and her Lipstick Ladies certainly know how to put the Va Va Voom into tile and have no plans on stopping any time soon. Alyse makes no excuses for her past experiences and has only one thing to say to those who might not approve, you can “Kiss My Big Fat Glass”! So next time you see a haute fifty-something year old cougar flashing a little leopard, stop and take notice because opportunity only knocks once, and AlysEdwards never knocks twice!

AlysEdwards’& Her Posses Manifesto, we believe that whether you are buying, selling, or working at AlysEdwards Tile & Stone it should be an E Ticket experience, and if it should it ever stop being an E ticket ride you need stop the ride and to get off.  We believe that beauty is only skin deep unless it’s through body porcelain tile. We believe our tiles designs are cutting edge and life changing even though nobody has told us about any a life changing experience after installing our tiles. We believe if you purchase AlysEdwards tiles you become younger and thinner automatically. We believe in not taking ourselves to seriously! We are committed to making cool tiles, lots of money, and to having fun along the way.


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