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July 2021

Why Less is More

By AlysEdwards | 7/25/2021

Does your design bring you joy? Get rid of the clutter and opt for a minimalist design. Minimalism thrives on simplicity. The design is meant to visually pleasing and functional. Implementing products like Terra Dolce’s 2” x 2” Mosaic and 12” x 24” field tile provide a durable natural stone look that is green friendly and commercially rated. It’s great to use as a main floor or in a shower, this porcelain will have easy maintenance. Keep things airy and bright with Bianco from the Abitare La Terra Collection, it’s rippled effect adds nice texture to your space. Meanwhile, Tongue in Chic’s Pebble without a cause brings forth a subtle color without being overwhelming. Used together or separate, these wall tiles are a great option for backsplashes, shower, and feature walls. Clear your mind and clear your clutter by keeping your design light and simple with our AlysEdwards building blocks.

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