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Inspire, Create, Design Something Fabulous

Moody Enchantment

By AlysEdwards | 6/6/2024

Step into a world of mood enchantment where warmth embraces you at every threshold. Adorned with elegant gold frames and flickering candles, this design casts a spell of timeless sophistication, adding a touch of opulence to its moody ambiance. The tumbled edges of the Pantera limestone from the Suave Due Collection, create a cozy design that beckons with its mysterious allure, inviting you to linger in its embrace. Step inside and let the allure of luxury envelop you.

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Set Sail

By AlysEdwards | 6/6/2024

Set sail for adventure in this charming bathroom fit for young captains! ⚓ Immerse in the tranquility of our Filose Collections’ Bobbin Blue. The durability of this porcelain makes it the perfect option for high use areas such as floors and showers. The subtle texture can also make it a fun option for a wallpaper type of application. Rok Candy’s Going Topaz On You’s ripple effect sets the scene for endless nautical fun. Add depth by installing it on feature walls, backsplashes, or shower walls. These light blue hues and sailboat motifs create a sea-inspired haven for little ones to explore and dream.

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Spring into a Light and Airy Design

By AlysEdwards | 4/19/2022

Using a soft color palette can open up a space letting the sunshine in. White elements offer a crisp brightness to any design and can be found in many different material types. Stone, such as Thassos White, is a elegant option for walls or floors. Since it is monotone in color consider installing the rectangular tiles in a herringbone pattern, creating some design texture. You Don’t Snow Me is other great white selection for shower walls or wainscots,  but in a ceramic. If you're looking for a wall tile with a touch more color the Caolino leans towards a light beige and will keep a space feeling airy. Add a soft shimmer with the micro mosaics in the Man About You collection. With a duel matte and gloss finish, this glass the perfect subtle sheen when used as accent strip in a shower, in the back of a nitch or on a backsplash. Lastly, round out your design with light natural woods, greenery, and soft metals.  Add a touch of spring to your design with AlysEdwards’ building blocks.   

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Falling for Beige

By AlysEdwards | 11/8/2021

There is no better time to celebrate a cozy color scheme than the Fall season. Lighter warm tones, such as Cut me Some Flax from Tongue in Chic or Caolino from Abitare La Terra, can create a more open space with a cozy vibe.  These wall tiles would be a great selection for a backsplash or shower walls.  The Fleece color from the Blendables collection is the perfect warm neutral.  When used tone on tone it provides a subtle elegance that would be lovely in an entry or bathroom floor.  Orange, yellow, and browns are classic warm tones.  Using the Golden Slumber from the Haute Glass collection allows your design to incorporate the colors of fall in a backsplash or pool installation.  A pattern like the Porto-guese Flor Tile in Moorish Red offers a warm pop of color that is cheerful and bright and would be a fun option for a pantry floor or fireplace surround.  Incorporating metals like the Sassy Brassy Liner as an accent shimmering warmth. Round out your space with natural textures such as woods or foliage to make your design warm and cozy.  What beige will you fall for?   

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Seize the Mediterranean

By AlysEdwards | 10/5/2021

Romantic aesthetics, natural surroundings, inviting spaces... The Mediterranean design is a historic style that emphases many of the worlds most breathtaking regions.  Light earthy tones like the Ivoor 2x4 provide a neutral backdrop in any space.  Each hand cut piece can add a little extra character to a backsplash or shower wall.  Sticking with the neutrals, mix things up with the Fleece Talking in Circles from the Blendables collection. Make a simple statement by installing these on a bathroom floor or an entry way.  Patterned tile is a key element to a Mediterranean design. The Moorish Red Porto-guese Flor Tile can provide a rich pop of color on a fireplace surround, accent wall or a power room floor.  Rather than using a natural stone on the floor opt for a porcelain stone look such as the Terra Dolce Silver.  The ink-jet technology of this tile allows for perception of depth in the linear veins and markings of this travertine look but with a high durability and low maintenance, which is especially nice when tiling large spaces.  Add a modern flair with clean lined furniture pieces or hardware.  Bring in elements like wooden beams or a wood accented chandelier not only provides natural elements but warms up your space.  Create a dream space that is rustic yet elegant, modern yet old world with the building blocks from AlysEdwards Tile & Stone.  

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Why Less is More

By AlysEdwards | 7/25/2021

Does your design bring you joy? Get rid of the clutter and opt for a minimalist design. Minimalism thrives on simplicity. The design is meant to visually pleasing and functional. Implementing products like Terra Dolce’s 2” x 2” Mosaic and 12” x 24” field tile provide a durable natural stone look that is green friendly and commercially rated. It’s great to use as a main floor or in a shower, this porcelain will have easy maintenance. Keep things airy and bright with Bianco from the Abitare La Terra Collection, it’s rippled effect adds nice texture to your space. Meanwhile, Tongue in Chic’s Pebble without a cause brings forth a subtle color without being overwhelming. Used together or separate, these wall tiles are a great option for backsplashes, shower, and feature walls. Clear your mind and clear your clutter by keeping your design light and simple with our AlysEdwards building blocks.

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Nantucket Living

By AlysEdwards | 6/22/2021

There is a certain charm to island life with shingle sided houses surrounded by bountiful hydrangeas, cobblestone streets, and the fresh ocean air. The Nantucket style is formal but doesn't sacrifice comfort. When choosing colors stick to a crisp palette of coastal blues and whites. Selecting tile such as Basic B provides a traditional white washed wood-look great for smaller spaces like entry ways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and patios. With durability and easy care, the sand and sun will be no challenge for this porcelain plank. The Half Baked blocks are a great selection for a kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround, or shower walls, and can be left on the mesh or removed to create different patterns. To add the perfect shade of blue as an accent strip in the shower or unexpected butlers pantry floor, try the Genziana from our Abitare La Terra Collection! Sticking with the hues of blues… the range of shades in the 4x16 stained glass offer the perfect splash of color reminiscent of the ocean. Fun to use as the backsplash in a wet bar or a feature wall in a powder bath, the unique blend of each piece will have your imagination sailing away. Tailored furnishings and symmetrical layouts are keys to Nantucket style living. Furniture with straight lines, striped accent rugs, and patterned pillows can help bring your space together. Accent your space with subtle coastal pieces. A white chain setting on a coffee table and sea shells in a bowl or on the top of a stack of books are perfect nautical touches. Design your perfect seaside villa on the eastern seaboard with AlysEdwards Tile & Stone.  

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The Je ne sais Quoi of French Country Design

By AlysEdwards | 5/25/2021

The French country style may seem out of date... but think luxurious farmhouse; soft and rustic, elegant yet casual. You will be quickly swept away to the French countryside where lavender fills the air and things get better with time like fine wine. The use of natural materials, like stone, is a key element in this style. When choosing a floor, consider a stone with soft tumbled edges, like the Lynx from the Suave Due collection. The tumbled finish evokes a time worn look when compared to the more modern look of a stone with straight edges. When selecting the perfect white, opt for an earthier tone as opposed to a stark bright white. The off-white tone of Tongue in Chic’s Don’t Be A Shell Out makes it a great selection for a backsplash or shower walls. If you prefer the look of natural stone, our Rock Glamorous Aegean Cream is a creamy marble with light veins creating visual interest with a variation of hues. Be mindful of your selections. Choosing a porcelain like Manganese from the Abitare La Terra collection might not be a traditional choice, however the scraped plaster effect on the surface of the body shows details and craftsmanship not normally associated with this type of product. Select finishes, even if they are new, that look and feel like they have history. The hand cut mosaic, Louvre-ly Reflections, from the Mon Ami Paris collection make it a fitting selection for a powder room floor or feature wall. The imperfections of this artisanal product are what make it so ideal. Round out your space with aged metals, distressed woods, and cozy linens to keep your design steeped in tradition. Now it's time to inspire, create, and design something fabulous. Grab a glass, relax, and envision la belle vie!

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Details of a Simple Craftsman

By AlysEdwards | 5/11/2021

Clean simple lines and timeless charm are the key to designing your dream Craftsman inspired space. Built in elements like bookcases are a signature of the Craftsman interior. In a bathroom, consider adding little appeal by tiling the back of the built in shelves. Here we selected the Rock Glamorous Animate 2" x 6" to complement the same marble selected in the tone on tone octagon for the bathroom floor. A stained glass window is a great way to show old school artistry. To add a centuries old flair with a modern twist, try incorporating a stained glass mosaic like Gigi’s Groovy Stix as a kitchen backsplash or a shower wall feature. The beauty of the Craftsman style is that it showcases the craftsmanship of artists through the simplicity of natural materials. Straight lined wide trims such as wood molding showcase the workmanship and are often used throughout this style. You can also achieve this by layering natural stone moldings like the the Anamite cornice, which can be used as a base or crown. The beautiful rippled texture of Abitare La Terra’s wall tile makes it a great selection for shower walls or a kitchen backsplash, and provides texture to your space. A fireplace is a living rooms' central feature in a Craftsman style home. Create visual interest by using a carved stone like the Suave Due Canapa on the face of the fireplace. The subtle detail of the linear lines are beautiful on their own or incased in a wood surrounding. Round out your design by adding some greenery to enhance the earth tones. The Craftsman style stands the test of time, simple and timeless, yet full of endless detail.  

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Industrial Loft

By AlysEdwards | 4/27/2021

Designing with exposed building elements can be fun! Brick walls, wooden beams, and dark pipes are all part of the Industrial look that make this design style a favorite. These structural details are all key elements to giving your space urban chic vibes. Using a white subway tile like Tongue in Chic’s - You Don’t Snow Me is a great backdrop to a mix of cabinets and open shelving. It also complements nicely with a wall of exposed brick. The Totally in Zinc pulls inspiration form metal pipes and is a thrilling accent for a counter face or coffee/wet bar backsplash. Creating a flowing design will bring a sense of cohesiveness to your open floor plan. Don’t be afraid to try something different! Using the Carbone porcelain plank in a herringbone would help define a bar, pantry, or bathroom floor from the traditional cement or wood floors in the common areas of the loft. Selecting a stone like Vanity’s - White Carrara 6x12 for shower walls keeps the bathroom space light and open. The honed finished creates a sense of rawness and carries the “unfinished" look into the additional space. Round out the design with rustic wood pieces, Edison light bulbs, and neutral colors to give your loft the perfect mix of exposed building elements and urban vibes. 

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